Something for everyone with our tasty assortment of platters.

  • classic-breakfast-Product-icons

    Classic Breakfast Platter


    Classic Breakfast Platter:
    Six fresh baked bagels, sliced in half with cream cheese and fine Scottish smoked salmon.
    Topped with pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

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    Business Breakfast Platter


    Six assorted bagels, cut in half filled with a delicious selection of these fillers:

    • Rashers and Guacamole
    • Cream cheese and Tomato
    • Rashers and Cream Cheese
    • Cream cheese
    • Crispy Rashers

  • Bagel & Shake Lunch Platter

    Lunch Platter


    Impress your clients or collegues and get six of our Classic New York Recipe bagels.
    This platter contains an assortment of the following:

    • Melts and Hot Bagels
    • New York Club
    • Chicken Ceaser Club
    • Salt beef & Swiss Cheese
    • Chicken Club
    • Chicken & Pesto
    • Mexican Tuna Melt

  • Bagel & Shake vegetarian platter

    Vegetarian Platter


    Six bagels full of tasty fillings. Healthy, vegetarian and prepared freshly for you.
    This platter contains an assortment of the following:

    • Tricolore Bagels
    • Mozzarella & Tomato
    • Swiss Cheese with Peppers
    • Cream Cheese & Cucumber
    • Pesto, parmesan & Spinach
    • Falafel with Hommous

  • mixed-munchies-Product-icons

    Mixed Munchies


    A selection of goodies suitable for six people. These contain an assortment of the following:

    • muffins
    • crisps
    • flapjacks
    • chocolate bars
    • oreos
    • eat natural bars
    • heavenly cakes (may contain nuts)

  • mixed-crisps-Product-icons

    Mixed Crisps


    Six bags containing an assortment of the following:

    • Cheddar & onion
    • Ready Salted
    • Chilli & cheese
    • Salt & vinegar